GIF: Rose Namajunas Flying Armbar Win Over Kathina Catron

The Invicta FC 5 pay-per view is underway after two free fights to get fans excited for the event. While free fights don’t always deliver, the ladies of Invicta FC always put on a show. In the final free fight before the USTREAM pay-per view was set to begin, Rose Namajunas took on Kathina Catron.

The bout lasted only twelve seconds, but it delivered one of the best finishes we will see tonight and a candidate for Submission of the Year.

After Namajunas charged Catron with some heavy punches immediately after the opening bell, Catron latched on to Namajunas and tried to work some clinch game. Almost immediately, Namajunas controlled her opponents arm and leaped up in the air to lock in an armbar. A few seconds later, and it was all over.

Namajunas’ flying armbar got the crowd buzzing and was a perfect lead in to the pay-per view portion of the Invicta FC 5 card.

If you missed the beautiful submission by Namajunas, you can check it out here thanks to this GIF from’s Zombie Prophet:

You can check out more of his work by following him on Twitter.

Be sure to tune in to the Invicta FC 5 pay-per view if you aren’t doing so already. Tonight is off to a great start and there will surely be more finishes right around the corner. You can order the Invicta FC pay-per view here.

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  • Chicago

    Pat Berry did NOT teach her that.

    • Josh Sanchez

      No doubt about that, but wouldn’t it be something if Pat pulls off a flying armbar of his own in the next fight? Pretty sure the MMA world would be in shock.

  •é/638473369 Leon Delafonté

    Man screw the armbar, did she hump the floor in celebration?