Photo: Mississippi State Continues To Send Ridiculous Recruiting Letters

Mississippi State is quickly becoming the laughing stock on the recruiting trail as they continue to send interesting hand-written letters to recruits. The letters aren’t anything that you would expect from a university looking to build their athletic program, instead, they look like amateur drawings that were done in a matter of minutes with no thought.

That’s not exactly how you convince someone to come play for you.

Mississippi State’s recruiting letters initially made the rounds on the Internet with their now infamous “You’re A Baller” letter to Michigan commitment Michael Ferns. Even Ferns decided to mock the attempt at recruiting him with a simple caption of ”Ummm … Thanks Coach” when he tweeted out the image.

The writing looked like it came from a kindergarten student, and now we know their interesting recruiting attempts were not done yet.

Mississippi State’s latest victim is Hoover High cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

While Humphrey’s letter is not as embarrassing as the one Mississippi State sent Ferns, it is still pretty awful in it’s own right. Humphrey’s letter from the school featured a good ole fashion drawing of a can of “SWAG.”

Check it out:

Maybe Mississippi State’s recruiting tactics will eventual work out and they will get the last laugh, but for now, we are enjoying the comedy from their recruiting letters and it looks like the recruits are getting a few laughs as well.

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  • Sheila Ray

    haha…STARKville….nuff said

  • John Jones

    wth is going on here?

  • Zach Christian

    Being a Mississippi State fan I am PRAYING TO GOD that this is some kind of joke. Otherwise, this is fucking embarassing. Drink SWAG, the drink of champions? I feel so ashamed……………..

  • Don Mcclurg

    Dan Mullen has been drinking or smoking something and it ain’t SWAG…LOL!!!

  • Derick Putt

    First of all, Josh Sanchez is a hack. Second, these letters are fake. How about calling the school for verification.

  • bmac

    Is anyone actually confirming that these letters were sent by Mississippi State? Or is it now standard for news to be accepted from unconfirmed sources? Don’t publish this garbage without confirming the source.