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Track Legend Michael Johnson Thinks Usain Bolt Can Run Even Faster

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. Last summer at the London Olympics, Bolt because the first man to repeat as 100m and 200m champion and continued to do so at a world record pace.

While no one can catch Bolt on the track, nine-time world champ Michael Johnson believes Bolt’s best is still yet to come. The USA track and field legend believes Bolt can still run faster. 

I know for a fact that he can run faster,” Johnson said earlier this week, via 3News. “Whether he will or not is another question. But I know that he can. In analyzing him as an athlete and looking at his races and doing some bio-mechanical analysis on him … he could run faster.”

Bolt has a number of world records and he is always running away from the field. Even when he lets up at the end of races he is able to pull away. If Bolt can run even faster, than no one has a chance and he will become the greatest to ever grace the track.

Can Bolt run faster times? It would be something special to see.

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