Dec 9, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez (6) and Tim Tebow (15) walk out onto the field before the start of their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks Explored Possibility of Tim Tebow Trade

There are very few people that believe Tim Tebow will suit up in a New York Jets uniform next season, so there are always countless rumors surfacing about where the Jets personal punt protector could end up next. One of the latest rumors linked Tebow to the Seattle Seahawks as a back up for Russell Wilson, but it doesn’t look like the chances of a Tebow move to the Pacific Northwest are very likely.

According to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks are not expected to make a run at Tebow this offseason after shipping off back up Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders.

In O’Neil’s report, he names Tyler Thigpen, Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart as more realistic possibilities to replace Flynn on the roster, though he did note the Seahawks considered adding Tebow to the roster but ultimately decided against it.

With mobile quarterbacks like Pat White resurfacing around the league, you would have to expect someone would be interested in adding Tebow to the team if for no other reason than experience against a mobile quarterback during practices.

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  • Bigperm

    I really hope that the Seahawks won’t try n get teblow on the team he is the last person I would want to see in a Seahawks uniform. He is nothing but a destraction there is a reason no one wants him he sucks. He will never be a starter in the nfl again maybe he can try the cfl or the arena league in another few years he will be nothing but an assistant high school coach

  • boomer

    Tebow as a QB in Seattle…no way Jose.!!!! but think about this as a possibility…Tebow could be a real steal if he was converted to a “Back” position, halfback, fullback, etc…the guy can run and he has “Back” power, I just think a lot of folks are missing the boat with Tebow…he is never going to be a QB in the NFL, but he does have some real talent as an athlete, and he has the strength of a bull…and I am inclined to think you could run over him with a truck, and he will just keep going..

  • Tony Az

    Tebow is awesome…on the field and off. He has been given a half of a season to show what he has…with a losing team…and he brought their asses to the playoffs..Mr Peyton manning had an actual better team to work with…and got no farther. It’s to the point, if you hate don’t know anything about football. Your basically saying every Qb has to throw like Peyton or Brady…But look at football’s past…Some of the best and most fun to watch QB’s were the non traditional ones. Tebow haters are just haters…There is nothing to hate about the guy..He is a good man on and off the field..

    • john

      Why is someone a hater for disagreeing with your opinion?

  • boomer

    I’m not a Tebow hater, and in fact I think Tim has gotten a pretty raw deal all the way around. But as far as being a standout QB in the NFL, I simply don’t think he has that skill set.. He is a good guy, and a good athlete, I just think he would have a much brighter future, and a longer more meaningful football career if he was re-trained to play a position that better suits his natural skills and abilities..