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iOS 7 Concept Video

Apple released iOS 6 just about six months ago, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from dreaming up new concepts for iOS 7 and the new features that could be coming to an Apple device near you. Even with the rumors that the development of iOS 7 is behind schedule, YouTube user Federico Bianco posted a video of his concepts for the latest iOS system and the possibilities that he gives us are incredible.

Bianco completely re-imagines the lock screen that would give Apple users more freedom and usage in far less movements.

In Bianco’s concept video, iOS users would have the ability to change nearly all of the settings and functions of their phones from the lock screen. You can even respond to e-mails and text messages with his imagined features.

His video also includes some widgets for iOS, which would be a very welcomed feature.

Quite frankly, Bianco takes all of the incredible features that make Android devices so popular and integrates them in to the iOS system. If it can be done, it should be. The video gets you excited about all of the possibilities and the new features would make Apple devices a must own and distance them from the competition.

What do you think of the iOS concept video? Are there any features you would like to see added to iOS 7? Sound off in the comments section and let us hear your thoughts.

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