Video: Chris Webber Shows Up For Fab Five Reunion at NCAA Tournament Championship

Well, it happened. After much debate over whether or not Chris Webber would or should attend the 2013 NCAA Tournament final and reunite with his Fab Five teammates, we finally know his decision. Webber came strolling in to the Georgia Dome in his nice little Michigan pom-pom hat to cheer on the Wolverines since he helped the Fab Five make an appearance back in 1993.

Everyone was happy to see C-Webb roll into the building, especially Jalen Rose, who said it was his wish to reunite his former teammates.

Webber has tried his best to distance himself from the Fab Five after the infamous moment when he called a timeout that the Wolverines didn’t have, which ultimately ended any chance they had of winning the 1993 title game.

Webber, along with Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King, captured the imagination of sports fans during their time together as the Fab Five. The infamous recruiting class transcended the sport and changed the face of college basketball with their attitude and style.

Four of the members had publicly announced their plans to attend the national title game and reunite while Michigan looks for their first championship since 1989, but no one was sure if Webber would join them.

He was reportedly not answering their calls or text messages, but after a lot of public pressure, he decided to join his teammates.

Here is video of Webber waltzing into the arena:

Upon his entrance, Webber tweeted out a statement:


It’s great to see that Webber could be the bigger man and put the past behind him.

He needed to move on and accept his place in history for better or worse. Now that he has put it all behind and decided to show, we can discuss the greatness of the Fab Five and watch them reunite once again.

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