Rick Pitino Scared By Confetti Cannons [GIF]

Just a few moments after the Louisville Cardinals won the 2013 NCAA Tournament final against the Michigan Wolverines, Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino was heading over to shake hands with his opponents when all hell broke loose.

Pitino was celebrating his third national championship when the confetti cannons fired off. When the loud booms came in, Pitino ducked for cover as if snipers were in the rafters. Thankfully, no one was harmed in the firing of the confetti.

Just watch this GIF (courtesy of CJ Fogler) of Pitino nearly peeing himself when the confetti cannons fired off:

That just may have been the best moment of the game.

With Louisville’s win, Pitino becomes the first man to lead two schools to national championship victories.

Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals, Rick Pitino, and everyone that was a part of the team’s journey to the top.


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