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FIU's Beach Themed Basketball Court Nearing Completion (Photo)

Florida International had discussed the possibility of re-painting their home basketball to give it a more “beachy” feel. Believe it or not, the beach towel inspired look has finally become a reality, according to Matt Norland of CBS Sports.

Here are some details about the $25,000 paint job:

FIU and then-coach Richard Pitino, who is now at Minnesota, floated out the idea of radically redesigning the school’s home court about three weeks ago. The vote was made in late March, the re-paint project began on March 28, and here we are, a beach embossed on the boards down in Miami. The paint job cost approximately $25,000, according to FIU’s athletic office.

And now for the actual look itself that we are all waiting to see:

Pretty interesting look there. It’s difficult to see the half court and three point line, but that is always something that the school can work on. Perhaps some navy blue lining for the interior of the court will work better.

It’s a cool little gimmick that will work for awhile, but it’s not exactly the most visually appealing surface for your eyes to focus on for hours at a time. It certainly isn’t a gimmick nearly as cool as Boise State’s “smurf turf.”

What do you think of the beach inspired basketball court?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and let us hear your opinion.

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