Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer Then Chugs it (GIF)

This may be one of the most bro-tastic moments in the history of sports. Some dude with a perfect combination of beer-chugging ability and hand-eye coordination pulled off an incredible achievement during the Seattle Mariners – Houston Astros game on Wednesday night.

The fan reached out for a foul ball — like we all do when a pop fly or home run soars into our section — but this attempt was special.

Bro A, as we will call him, had a full beer in his hand. He reached out his cup and caught the ball perfectly inside his brew. Immediately, Bro B jumped up and down, patting his friend on the back for his accomplishment. Meanwhile, Bro C raised his arm in triumph, celebrating the greatness he had just witnessed. It was a beautiful moment all around.

To cap it all off, Bro A left the foul ball in his cup and then went on to chug the beer.

God, I love America.

This is a GIF that you need to see, courtesy of Crawfish Boxes:

I don’t think we will see a more epic foul ball grab this year or maybe ever, so cheers to Bros A, B and C for providing us this all-American moment.

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