Giants Relief Pitcher Farts in Bullpen (GIF)

There is a great mystery surrounding the San Francisco Giants bullpen on Thursday morning. The question: “Who farted?” Yeah, these are the pressing issues in the sports world right now, but it just goes to show that a gassy slip up can happen anywhere and anytime.

With three Giants relief pitchers sitting close together in the bullpen, one of them decided to bust loose.

The results were hilarious.

Thanks to a pair of GIFs from Twitter (@carmenkiew), you can all witness the moment that a culprit was caught.

GIF via Twitter (@carmenkiew)

But who was it really?

I remember the old rule, “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

If that’s true, Jose Mijares has been caught red-handed. If his reaction was purely to the sheer horror of what he just unexpectedly inhaled, Jean Machi is the man who deserves the blame. But to be honest, I wouldn’t rule out the sly cat all the way on the right with his cap pulled down while he nervously bites his nails. His lack of reaction certainly stands out.

We probably will never know who let one rip in the Giants bullpen, but judging by the reactions, we should all be glad that we weren’t there.

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