Jacksonville Jaguars New Uniforms Could Have 'Military Theme'

The above image has been circling the Internet for weeks with claims that it is a sneak peak of the new Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys for the 2013 season. Up until now, it was pure speculation, but it now appears this is a legit image of the new threads Jacksonville will be rocking for the upcoming year.

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch spoke with someone who gave detailed information about the new Jaguars jersey and the news is exciting (but not confirmed). The only confirmed news is that the above image is an actual shot of one of the team’s 2013 replica jerseys.

The most interesting details that Lukas learned were of a potential military inspiration for the Jaguars new look. The logo patch on the chest is facing the center of the jersey, because like on military uniforms, the patches should face your heart. Here is perhaps my favorite detail of the new uniforms:

Continuing with the military theme, the players’ last names will appear the front of the jersey under the patch, to mimic the look of a military uniform.

That is a pretty cool detail that will really set these uniforms apart. It is also a great way to involve the community with the uniforms. The Jacksonville area has the third largest military presence of any city in the United States.

Oh, and a gold plated helmet sounds pretty nifty, too. “The helmet shell will be two-tone — starting out gold and then fading into black,” Lukas wrote. He went on to add that the logo on the side of the helmet could be larger than a typical logo, like the Boise State Broncos Pro Combat helmets.

The new look uniforms will have a design on the sleeves that features black, gold, chrome, and teal.

Jacksonville will have a teal alternate jersey, which was their primary jersey color up until last season. 

You can read Lukas’ full report of details here.

Jacksonville will officially unveil their new uniforms next week.

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