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Miami Dolphins New Uniforms Unveiled (Photo)

While the Jacksonville Jaguars stole the headlines with their revolutionary new uniforms, the Miami Dolphins have quietly unveiled their new look. Unlike the Jaguars flashy appearance, Miami took a more natural approach and used a traditional look.

The new logo, which we have all seen before, is a bit more modern, but the uniform does not reflect that appearance.

Here is the Dolphins new uniform:

It is very likely that the Dolphins have an orange alternate look, but that has not been shown.

The simplicity of Miami’s new uniforms is admirable, and the white kits look especially sharp. If I had to choose a favorite, it would certainly be the white jersey, though the Jaguars alternate teal uniform in the background still steals the frame.

Personally, I think the Dolphins new look is ruined just by the awful logo. That little “fish” is not intimidating in the least bit.

What do you think of the Miami Dolphins new uniforms? Do you approve of the new look or think that it isn’t intimidating to grace the NFL gridiron. Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts with us.


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  • Anthony DeBias

    I agree I hate the new logo I will not purchase any new logo merchandise only throwback from now on. At least the Jaguars made theirs more intimidating. I mean this is football played on the gridiron played in a stadium which resembles ancient colosseums were gladiators battled to the death it’s not a Hollywood star struct off broadway play we come to watch. Stephen Ross pull your head out of your rear and wake up

    • miamiallin

      yeah, the Jaguars logo scares me to death. Blank stare…SMH

  • S_Templar

    Their uniforms, color scheme and logo sucked before, and even more so now.

  • Sean O’Reilly

    Since when is a dolphin intimidating? Is the dallas star or Pitt logo intimidating? How about the eagles?

  • Max Roberts

    It’s a bland, Seaworld, corporate logo. Horrible.

  • Andrew Garcia

    Horrible new logo -___- what happened to tradition?

  • Matt mean to tell me you really thought their last logo was intimidating? a dolphin? intimidating? they are going in the right direction..they are supposed to have that soft tropical look..the MIAMI DOLPHINS..not the MIAMI RAIDERS

  • Matthew Joseph Corapi

    intimidating is not the way to go guys. Dolphins are smart, stealth, and humanoids. They save people who are drowning, or from sharks. This Uniform is a disgrace, how we changed our number font just so they can sell more shit. Im a die hard phin fan, and was ok with the logo, but now they went to far on the white facemask and ugly block charger font!

  • M75462

    I cant tell if it looks like Jacksonville or Carolina. No Orange? Typical. SSDD.

    That spinning sound you hear is Joe Robbie in his grave.

  • Wesley Harrah

    I’ve been a Dolphins fan my entire life. However these new uniforms and logo really suck!!! No tradition at all. These uniforms belong in the USFL.

  • Alex

    All you haters can go f@#% yourselves,u kno what it’s not that serious!New look logo,colors,uniforms isn’t that bad it’s actually solid.No matter how u spin it there’s no way to make Dolphins logo look intimidating let it go ,I do kinda miss old colors n logo but u kno what who gives a shit how our uniz look if we’re winning and by tha way did u see Jags new uniz I mean come on give Dolphins new look a break,and its more of a throwback using first Dolphins color scheme lighter Aqua/Teel&Orange, so it’s full of tradition and turning tha page on past decade full of disappointments,Fresh new start wit new look logo,colors,& white face mask is badass,will look a lot better when we start winning you’ll see every1 talking shit wearing new Diggs,watch out Dolphins are in the up Rise!

  • Crystal White-Milby

    Huge Dolphins fan and the new logo is terrible terrible terrible!

  • matt

    The new logo is a joke. Boring, lame, weak, looks really old fashion. The only new design that I could find that really changes things up and brings the Dolphins into the future was this one. The dolphin looks angry, tough, the colors pop, it has movement, aggression and style. It gets away from the old tradition logo but it’s time for some real change. I’m a huge Phins fan but will never purchase anything with that new sh@#t logo!

  • Rick Turner

    The logo is not the problem, yes dolphins are already not an intimidating creature, but then add that baby blue (which they are calling aqua) and you have a completely emasculating uniform! I think they have tutus to go with them.

  • cj potter

    The new Dolphins logo is lame man . Will never purchase anything with that lame ass logo baby blue uniforms come on man if they wanted to change the logo that bad go back to the old retro Miami logo at least when the dolphins was happy we won games

  • Justin Van Allen

    new logo very lame y dont those so called “experts” leve stuff alone!