Miami Dolphins New Uniforms Officially Unveiled By Nike (Photos)

We caught a glimpse of the new Miami Dolphins uniforms during the unveiling of the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this week, but today, the fine folks of Nike officially unveiled the new look with a number of high resolution images.

You can see the official release from Nike by clicking here.

Initially, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Dolphins new look, but it has quickly grown on me.

There is something about the navy and orange accents that make the sticking and aqua numbers on the uniform really pop. Of course, the Dolphins new gloves feature a Nike staple with the team logo and the design is a perfect compliment to the uniforms.

Miami’s uniforms have a clean style to them and that is something that many teams can’t quite pull off.

In a day and age where it looks like everyone is trying to outdo their opposition with outrageous uniforms, it is nice to see a much simpler approach.

Here is the complete photo gallery of the Miami Dolphins new uniforms, via Nike:

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