College Football Playoff Unveils New Logo

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After a long and painful process that announced unveiling the new name for the college football playoff that certainly lacked creativity and a fan vote to announce the new logo, we finally have everything in place so that we can get rolling with the games.

College Football Playoff, as it is appropriately called, unveiled their new logo which is just as plain and boring as the name.

The new logo features two brackets with a few dashes in the middle that is underlined by the words, “College Football Playoff.” It is not exactly a work of art, but I suppose it will do the job.

This is a sneak peak of the new logo — (=)

Here is the new and very underwhelming logo for the College Football Playoff:

It’s looking like Cowboys Stadium is in the background (the venue expected to hold the first championship) and the logo is placed on a mock up of the venue’s gigantic scoreboard. Even though the logo is appearing larger than life, it leaves a lot to be desired.

At least now that the nonsensical process of announcing the new name and logo is out of the way, we can play some football and enjoy the process of the new and improved College Football Playoff.

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