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Danica Patrick Scores Goal From Center Ice on First Shot at Chicago Blackhawks Game (Video)

The Chicago Blackhawks were having a hard time getting the puck into the net on Tuesday night against the Minnesota Wild, which is why them getting shown up by Danica Patrick during an intermission was just as hilarious as it was cool. Patrick came out during the second intermission at the United Center on Tuesday night and participated in the “Shoot the Puck” contest in front of the legions of Blackhawks faithful in attendance.

Usually it’s some sloppy fat guy or some drunken frat boy coming out to attempt a shot from center ice, but this time it was Patrick and she outdid just about everyone in the building by nailing her first shot.

We’ll give the guy shooting before her credit for not being either of the previously mentioned types of guys, but he still wasn’t too keen on his shooting ability. Patrick, on the other hand, may want to try her hand in a female hockey league, although she likely won’t get her fighting kick there.

Perhaps the coolest part of Patrick hitting the shot from center ice was the fact that she was so nonchalant about making it. She just got up there, shot it and looked almost surprised that people were amazed at her feat.

If only that success could translate to driving, Danica would be set.

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