NCAA Football Pre-Season Rankings: A Look at the Top Ten

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Jan 8, 2013; Fort Lauderdale FL, USA; The coaches trophy which was awarded to the Alabama Crimson Tide was on display during head coach Nick Saban winning coach press conference at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort

We are still a few months away from the start of the 2013 college football season, but there is still plenty of interest leading up to the start of the new year.

With the excitement constantly growing as we get closer to a college football world that will include the formerly evasive playoff system, we decided to put together our own pre-season top ten rankings to give the readers an idea of what teams to watch moving forward and who could be a potential national title contender.

Who are the teams to watch out for in 2013?

Without further introduction, here is a look at our pre-season top ten.

JUST MISSED: LSU Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks

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  • Jon Phillip Martin

    This ranking is so horrible.

    Carolina has beaten Clemsux 4 years in a row, UGA 3 years in a row and we’re going to be fielding the most potent offense seen to date in the Steve Spurrier Era. DL will be dominant once again and athletic LB’s will play faster than last years group.

    BTW, Clowney.

    Carolina should EASILY be ranked right with the best of the SEC in UGA, UF and aTm.

    • Jon Martin is a Dumbass

      More challenges bring harder teams for your south carolina cox.

      • Jon Phillip Martin

        What? Your comment makes no sense, dumbass.

        • jedd duperow

          Lol what a retarded ass comment!!!!

    • Harry Blanton-Binkow

      But you can’t beat Florida!!!

      • Hermanus Richard Lemmer

        I think Florida beat South Carolina so badly (44-11) last year largely because it was South Carolina’s third Top 10 foe in a row in three weeks. The USC of the SEC was probably very tired going in to the game. I think that is also why #8 Georgia lost by 39 to #5 Florida on 11/01/2008 (final 49-10). Florida had an off week 10/18/2008 and then played unranked Kentucky on 10/25/2008, while Georgia played #24 Vanderbilt on 10/18/2008 and traveled to Baton Rouge to take on #11 LSU on 10/25/2008. I think Florida still would have won that game, but if Georgia had easy games before the Georgia-Florida matchup, I don’t think the game would have been so lopsided.

  • Give me back my 5 minutes

    Ahh yes, another reason Fansided is a laughing stock among reputable sports journalists.

  • Michael L Harkness

    means nothing

    • Josh Sanchez

      You are probably right. This is all for fun to drum up some debate and discussion as we all get excited for the upcoming season. We will never truly know how the teams stack up until they take the field.

  • davis

    Ah, yes, Notre Dame at number 5. Makes all the sense in the world.

  • Ross

    Your writing is a joke and your articles are amusing at best. ESPN has already released their second poll with alabama at #2 and buckeyes at #1. Learn to update your information and also learn how to equally assess teams, Notre Dame should not be anywhere near the top 5.

    • Al A Bama

      lul because OSU has not proved jack crap. What is the last quality team they beat and no UM isn’t a quality team

      • Ross

        Oh sorry, I forgot to mention I was a bama fan. I have no answer to OSU’s bullshit #1 ranking asides from the fact that ESPN is begging for someone to beat the SEC in the Nat champ game. I don’t believe they’ll drop from #1 anytime soon since their schedule is complete garbage.

        • Josh Sanchez

          Ross, this was not based off of ESPN’s rankings. It says in the very first few sentences that this is “our own” rankings.

          As always, there will be debate with the early rankings and we never know our true answers until the games are played out on the field.

  • Michael Gorney

    “yet another redshirt sophomore sensation that is better than Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel.”

    LOLWUT? How many redshirt sophomores are there that are more impressive that Johnny Football? I mean all he did was win the Heisman, the O’Brien, and make 1st Team All-American.

    • Josh Sanchez

      That comment was based off of how he is as a passer and viewed in NFL circles. Hogan and Mariota are superior prospects and have a better skill set than Manziel.

  • Josh is a joke

    Laughable at best! Leaving South Carolina after back to back top ten seasons? Clemsux? Notre Dame? HA!

  • Tj Henderson

    Ohio State what a joke!

    • jedd duperow

      How so? I dont believe in preseason rankings but how is ohio state a joke? Yes their schedule is garbage but if they get to national championship game I guarantee theyll win

      • jedd duperow

        And they are only going to continue to improve under meyer. The only coach better in the land is saban and thats close

      • David James Andrews

        How did they’re last 2 BCS matchups go against sec opponents???

        • Anthony Wayne Beck

          Ohio State whooped on Arkansas there last SEC game in case u forgot. For the guys talking crap on Michigan. Michigan is 7-2 in there last 9 bowl games against the SEC.

  • Richard J. Prosser III

    Don’t know what my Gamecocks have to do to convince you all that they are the team to beat. Proof is in the pudding.

    • jedd duperow

      Winning something would be a start

      • Gage Jester

        Gamecocks are a solid 6-8 team within the polls, they beat up on georgia and clemson every year. The last time they played alabama they won and have the same amount of times they have lost to florida 3 times in the last six years, carolina is the real deal

    • Aaron

      How about win the SEC East? That would help.

  • Colonel Graph

    I think the Oregon vs. Stanford game is going to be (and I hate to say this) “epic” this year. I’ve been patiently waiting to get revenge on those pompous, 2400-SAT-scoring jerks. Also, I’d give anything for a Texas A&M/Oregon Ducks championship game: Mariota vs. Manziel would be a show for the ages (as long as Mariota comes out on top, otherwise it would be a show that should be immediately forgotten by everyone and erased from the collective cultural memory).

  • Bamafan15

    Spurrier always chokes along the season. As long as hes at Carolina they’ll NEVER win an SEC or National Championship. Now lets talk about a real team. ALABAMA Is the BEST TEAM in the land and will win it all for a third straight year. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bamafan15

      Can I get a Roll Tide Roll?!?!

  • Zach

    Not good for the Big 12

  • 2fleas

    You honestly think that Stanford and Notre Dame will be better than Texas A&M? Please explain.


    I agree with the rankings however doubt that AL can repeat again; Great team, but odds are against them. Ohio State and AL should be 1 & 2 respectively.

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