Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Mocks ‘Boston Strong’ (Photo)

In the weeks and soon to be month after the tragic Boston Bombings, there has been a slogan rolling around Boston that has people in the community unified. Boston Strong has been a rallying cry of strength, healing and endurance that has embodied everything Bostonians are all about. But during Game 3 of the Bruins series against the Toronto Maple Leafs, that slogan which represents so much more than a hockey game was mocked, and while it wasn’t malicious, it’s still rubbing a lot of people he wrong way.

WEEI in Boston managed to get a picture of the Leaf fan’s sign and posted it on their Facebook page Monday night. Needless to say, they weren’t happy about it and neither were other Bostonians.

Again, the sign wasn’t mocking the bombings, making any reference to those tragically killed and certainly wasn’t making light of the devastating events. But it wasn’t that funny and it’s really too soon for any jokes to be made about the people of Boston after what they’ve been through. People from Boston can make jokes, hockey fans in Canada don’t yet have that right.

And for the record, Toronto was not stronger in Game 3, as the Bruins crushed the Leafs and took a 2-1 series advantage. But we were reminded of how callous people can be, even if they weren’t trying to be malicious in their intent. Sports is an escape from events like the one that occurred in Boston and whether you were trying to be funny or not, tragic events aren’t something to use as trash talk fodder, even in hockey.

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