May 10, 2013; Darlington, SC, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon during qualifying for the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Gordon Selling $30 Million Condo, Bob Costas Comes Free of Charge

Jeff Gordon has a swanky Central Park condo in New York that he’s recently put on the market, and while it’s got an amazing view and it ideally located, the real estate agent will only bring you around at certain times of the day. It’s not because they’re trying to avoid you being there when the train that shakes the building passes, rather they’re avoiding something worse — Jeff’s neighbor Bob Costas.

The condo is hitting the market at a cool $30 million, but having Costas as your neighbor is driving a hard bargain at $30 million. But still, it’s a pretty dope apartment in the middle of Central Park, so if you’ve ever had a fantasy about living the New York lifestyle and you have an extra $30 million just sitting around, by all means indulge yourself.

(Halstead Property)

Gordon is selling the condo at well above the value he got it at, as the real estate market in New York is apparently booming. The New York Times reports that back in 2007, the NASCAR superstar bought the unit at an estimated $9.67 million and his $30 million price tag is influenced by a similar, albeit larger, condo next to him selling for just over $32 million back in December.

So it appears Gordon isn’t the only neighbor Costas is running off. But hey, at least he’s built into the price and can tell you a random and obscure story every night about Willie “No Toes” Brown and the adjusted on base percentages of the 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers.

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