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Missy Franklin Gets Serenaded by Prince Harry for Her 18th Birthday (Video)

Missy Franklin made a name for herself this past summer when she destroyed those who stood in her Olympic path. Franklin was unstoppable in the water, and she was built up as a titan of an Olympian — and she was just 17 years old. Franklin spoke as though she was just a hometown girl from Aura, Colorado but while she might not ever forget her roots, being an Olympian has it’s perks.

Like being serenaded by Prince Harry on your 18th birthday.

Franklin is just getting started in her career as an athlete, and it’s always great to see candid moments like the one she got this week from the Prince.  Harry has long been the ‘everyman’ Prince as while his brother is busy being the face of British royalty, Harry is busy living life the way he wants to from serving in the Royal British Army to partying naked in Las Vegas.

This little moment fell in between those two extremes and we even got to see Harry’s cheeky side.

“So you went straight from bronze to gold,” Harry asked when playfully making fun of Franklin’s epic rise int he Olympics. “What about silver? You skipped that one!”

Franklin is expected to compete in the 2016 Rio Games and defend her gold medals she won this past summer in London. In the mean time, she’ll be busy getting tattoos, meeting Justin Beiber and of course being serenaded by British royalty.

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