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Chicago Blackhawks: Pregnant Fan Goes Into Labor During Game, Delays Birth to Watch Game 5

There are diehard Chicago Blackhawks fans and then there’s Donna Lebano who beats an overweight guy without a shirt and with his body painted in Hawks colors. A very pregnant Lebano was live in attendance at the Chicago Blackhawks Game 5 series clinching win over the Minnesota Wild inside the United Center earlier last week, but rather than go to the hospital to usher her newborn baby into the world, she held her son in so she could see the end of the game.

“No way was I leaving. We are a Hawks family,” Lebano told ABC News 7 in Chicago when interviewed after the birth of her son, Owen Michael Lebano. “I had to see the end of the game.”

That’s so Chicago.

The Chicago Blackhawks haven’t been to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since they brought the Cup home in 2010. So Lebano had to weigh her priorities at that moment in time: give birth to a son that was coming anyways or be a part of a Blackhawks celebration.

“Owen is such a great baby, very patient. We’re doing fantastic and we think of Owen as Hossa’s hat trick. Two goals in a playoff game and a baby delivered moments after getting to the hospital is an epic hat trick.”

Lebano chose to hold Owen in, which means she got to celebrate two things in one night, and little Owen Micheal has perhaps the most epic birth story that has ever been told and one helluva Mother’s Day tale.

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