Breaking Bad: Spanish-Language Adaptation of Hit AMC Show In the Works

Walter White went south of the border in the last half-season of Breaking Bad, and now the show itself is following suit. Sony Picture Television has announced a Spanish language adaptation of the hit AMC show Breaking Bad is in development and could begin shooting soon. This isn’t s spin-off or a dubbed version of the American show, rather it will be totally re-shot with Spanish-speaking actors and will be renamed “Metastasis“.

Like the change to the title, there are other minor changes to character names and plot devices for the new adaptation. The cast will be headlined by Columbian actor Diego Trujillo, who will be playing the main character Walter Blanco with Roberto Urbina playing the part of Jose Miguel Rosa which is the adapted version of the Jessie character in the American version of the show.

American audiences may be more familiar with Roberto Urbina, as he played a part in Steven Soderbergh’s 2008 epic Che as well as quest starting on TV Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist and the Hero’s mini-series Destiny.

According to Variety, the plot of Metastasis will follow the exact outline of Breaking Bad  as Walter Blanco is a mild chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and soon finds himself in the netherworld of drugs to pay his medical bills and make sure his family is provided for during his illness and after his death.

“Critics and audiences love ‘Breaking Bad’ and its original take on the drug dealing business,” said Angelica Guerra, who is the senior vice president and managing director, production, Latin America and U.S. Hispanic for Sony Pictures Television. “It is a very relevant story for all audiences, produced with the highest standards, in spectacular locations with the best talent in the region.”

Surprisingly enough, Breaking Bad is not the first American television series to be adapted for a foreign audience. Married…With Children along with Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens have been adapted for countries across the globe which is a bit ironic considering most of American television these days are adaptations of international shows.

Sandra Reyes as Walter’s wife Cielo and Julian Arango as Walter’s narcotics agent brother-in-law named Henry round out the main cast for Metastasis which doesn’t yet have an air-date.

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