Minnesota Vikings Release Video Of New Stadium

While our own Josh Hill covered the release of information and pictures relating to the Minnesota Vikings new stadium, today we have video.

The fly-by of the venue, which is expected to be ready for the 2016 season is nothing short of impressive – even if it is computer generated.

Here is what Josh had to say about the stadium reveal:

For starters, Minnesota is hoping this is truly a multi-purpose stadium that will house events from Big Ten Championship games, to NHL All-Star Games and even World Cup. And with the sexy design of the building, they might be able to lure plenty of events into town.

On the outside of the building, a large media mesh is covering a spire in the corner of the stadium. This will be able to project images as if they were being projected right on the side of the building like something out of a happy version of Blade Runner. The stadium also feature massive glass doors that rotate to and act as gates to enter the stadium.

Speaking of glass, the entire building seems to be made of it or glass-like substitutes. The roof isn’t retractable like fans were hoping, but it’s not closed either. The designers of the stadium have used a glass-like material to act as a roof, meaning the sun will shine through and illuminate the stadium as though it’s an open roof but there is no need to retract it when it snows or rains or gets too cold.

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