Game of Thrones Theme Song Gets Makeover With Incredible Guitar Shredding (Video)

“Game of Thrones” is incredible. We all know that, but what we didn’t know is just how awesome the show’s theme song could be. Now, thanks to Brendon Small, we got to hear just how amazing the song could be. Small, the man who brought us Metalocalypse”, played his version of the theme song at a Los Angeles comedy show.

Small shredded his guitar and went on some amazing riffs that added another aspect of awesomeness to the song. If HBO is listening, let’s hope they roll with this version moving forward.

Here is the video of Brendon Small going wild on the guitar and blowing us away: is always bringing you the latest Game of Thrones recaps and news. Be sure to tune back in next week for our Episode 8 recap.


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