Grand Theft Auto 5: Release Date, Rumors, Trailers and More

Grand Theft Auto V is set to release in September of this year and there is beginning to be a lot of anticipation about Rockstar Games’ latest release. The exact for the date is currently set for September 17, 2013. While the release date it approaching, we are beginning to learn more information about the game itself.

One of the most interesting aspects of GTA V is that Rockstar Games announced there would be some sort of multiplayer game mode. There wasn’t much information about the game mode, but it will be something to watch closely as more information is released.

The missions and heists also appear to be revamped. From the information that has surfaced, it looks like the heists will be very intricate and you will need to use the three main characters to perfectly execute. You are able to cycle through the characters at anytime and that is essential for the news heists in the game.

Here is a lengthy video about some of the missions for GTA V:

Grand Theft Auto V is set to be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Will you be lining up to get the latest Grand Theft Auto game when the release date is finally here? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts about the current information circling the web about GTA V.

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  • Justin

    Ill be a gamestop Sept 16th at 11pm waiting for my pre ordered copy.

  • shoebsoharwardi

    this is not good to make people waiting i said release it now you fm

  • Dunderbus

    I’m wondering how difficult it’ll be to get..

  • tyler

    this game is goin to be amazing

  • tyler

    but i have had rumors that Rock Star will not put multiplayer