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Michael Phelps Addresses Rumors of an Olympic Comeback

Nostalgia is a drug we all take and we abuse it on an hourly basis. From wanting old bands we loved in our adolescence to get back together or just gazing back at the 1990s with our rose-colored glasses, we as a species love to think about the past and wish those good times would circle back around. That’s the case anytime people discuss athletes coming back, and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is not being spared the comeback cries.

Phelps took to Twitter in order to discuss any notion of him coming back and swimming again in the 2016 Rio Games. While it wasn’t the definitive denial that would have silenced all rumors, it wasn’t something that should have people holding their breaths for Phelps to hit the pool again in Olympic competition.

“Why do I keep getting texts about coming back? Do ppl really believe everything they hear or read,” Phelps tweeted. “There are many ppl in the world that think they have a ‘story’.”

Phelps hasn’t swam competitively since winning his 16th gold medal back in 2012 at the London Games last August. He said he was hanging up the Speedo and so far he’s stuck true to his word, despite fans clamoring for a return so they themselves can selfishly relive the days of watching Phelps capture Olympic stardom.

Phelps is done and he’s said he’s done time and time again. It wasn’t the definitive denial that would have shut every rumor down, but a comeback isn’t happening as it makes no sense. You don’t go out on top just to comeback; Phelps reached the peak of his profession and the only place to go is downhill so the safest move in his case is to just kick back and enjoy the view from where you are.

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