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New York Mets to demote Ike Davis?

New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis has been getting extensive playing time as the Mets cleanup hitter this week, and he will remain in that capacity throughout the weekend, unless if the Mets decide to demote Davis sooner on. Despite breaking a huge 0-24 drought with a hit against the Chicago Cubs yesterday, but he went just 1-4 overall with a strikeout and the hit was only a single. Still, that constitutes progress for Davis, and maybe he can turn things around.

Davis’s story has been a complex one of cold streaks, and Adam Rubin writes that ESPN New York has learned that the talk of the Mets demoting Ike Davis has “intensified”. A source indicated that the Mets will allow Davis to try and add some more hits and “stave off a demotion”, as Rubin put it, throughout this weekend in the cleanup spot, but he won’t be given much more time than that.

Rubin writes that the fact that the Mets moved Andrew Brown to first base from the outfield (his natural position is first) yesterday in Triple-A could be sign that Davis is headed for a demotion. The Mets would need to wait ten days in order for Brown to be called up to the MLB team, so that would buy a little bit more time for Davis. This season, Davis has posted a horrendous .267 slugging percentage to go with a poor .245 OBP, and Davis is a player that you just can’t help but feel awful for.

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