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Jonathan Toews Blasts Refs For Not Controlling Game After Chicago Blackhawks Loss

Jonathan Toews isn’t happy that the Chicago Blackhawks got obliterated by the Detroit Red Wings in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals, and he’s taking his rage out on the game officials. Following Chicago’s 4-1 embarrassment, Toews met with the media and voiced his displeasure over the way the game was officiated when it came to how rough the Wings were being.

“There’s a lot of clutch and grab, lot of interference, and if they’re going to let that go, that’s something we need to know,” Toews said. “It’s just tough to understand sometimes why we get roughing and hooking penalties, [and] that doesn’t go both ways.”

Henrik Zetterberg simply said after the game that he plays better when the game is more physical and Toews plays better when the physicality isn’t as intense as it was on Saturday. But what’s worse is the Detroit Red Wings may have figured out how to beat the Blackhawks and pull off the series upset. Chicago isn’t a physical team and this is twice now they’ve been stopped in a game this postseason when bodies started to get banged around.

But before you jump on Toews about not being “manly” enough to handle some physical hockey, his complaints are being strategically placed to get more calls to go Chicago’s way. Phil Jackson was a master at doing this while with the Los Angeles Lakers and other have followed suit in getting inside the official’s head before a game in order to swing calls their way.

Chicago got blasted on Saturday in more than one way, and regardless of whether or not calls come their way in Game 4, they need to find a way to power through the bruising play of the Red Wings defense.

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