Xbox One To Utilize Smart Glass

When Microsoft unveiled Xbox Smartglass at last year’s E3, it was viewed as the future of how users can interact with their games. At the Xbox One reveal on Tuesday, Microsoft announced new ways in which the newest console from the Xbox team will utilize the innovative Smartglass technology.

Users will now be able to use their Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android powered devices to control different functions on the Xbox One, including changing the channels via the console’s Live TV capabilities. However, that isn’t all it will be able to do. Users will continue to be able to display “second screen” content via smartglass on their mobile devices. It will enhance what people will see on their TV screen.

Examples that were shown are fantasy scores, including an exclusive partnership with the NFL, on your device while you watch events through your Xbox.

Stay tuned for more on Smartglass as it gets announced….

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