Xbox One Will Not Require Constant Internet Connection & More

The sound you just heard was the entire Xbox fanbase exhaling a giant sigh of relieft.

It was one of the biggest worries for gaming fans when the rumors of the newest console for Microsoft began to circulate: will it require a constant internet connection in order to play games?

After months of worry, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick simply answered that question with a resounding no, the Xbox One will not need to be constantly connected to the internet in order to play a game. Mattrick said that Microsoft “has the gamer’s backs”.

There is no doubt that Microsoft made a lot of gamers happy with that newest because an “Always On” console could have very likely forced many loyal Xbox fans to jump ship to the Sony PS4. This news saved Microsoft a lot of fans.

Another aspect of the console that we found out after the event was just how the Live TV feature would be set up on the Xbox One.

The console will have an HDMI input in the back which will allow you to connect your cable or satellite set top box straight to the console in order to use the feature. Also, there is no external power brick. It will be installed directly into the console.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the price of the console, but it is expected to be announced at, or around, E3 in three weeks.

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