Indy 500: Past Winners and Results

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May 24, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; IndyCar Series driver Ryan Hunter-Reay drives down the front stretch during carb day for the 2013 Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the most looked forward to day in American F-1 Racing and the Indy 500 is finally upon us. The stars come out for the annual race but only one racer will be chugging that iconic bottle of milk when the dust settles and the race has been won. But the question everyone is pondering at the moment is who will be that lucky driver?

Marco Andretti is always a name to watch but Ed Carpenter is the guy leading the pack at the moment while guys like Scott Dixon aren’t far behind in terms of being a favorite among analysts to win the race.

But who will today’s winner be joining when it comes to drivers who have made their way to Victory Lane? The Indy 500 has been raced under five different eras in the sport’s history, so before we crown another winner let’s take a look back at who has come before today’s champion.

Fisher Era – AAA sanctioning (1911–1927)

Year Date Driver Team / Owner Chassis Engine Tyre Race Distance Time Average Speed
Car Name
Laps Miles
1911 May 30 United States Ray Harroun Nordyke & Marmon Company Marmon Marmon F 200 500 miles 6:42:08.039 74.602 Marmon Wasp
1912 May 30 United States Joe Dawson National Motor Vehicle Company National National M 200 500 miles 6:21:06.144 74.602 National Motor Vehicle
1913 May 30 France Jules Goux Peugeot Peugeot Peugeot F 200 500 miles 6:35:05.108 78.719 Peugeot
1914 May 30 France René Thomas Louis Delâge Company Delage Delage P 200 500 miles 6:03:45.060 82.474 L. Delâge
1915 May 31 Kingdom of Italy Ralph DePalma E.C. Patterson Mercedes Mercedes BF 200 500 miles 5:33:55.619 89.840 Mercedes
E.C. Patterson
1916 May 30 United Kingdom Dario Resta[ Peugeot Auto Racing Company Peugeot Peugeot BF 120 300 miles 3:34:16.990 84.001 Peugeot Auto Racing
1917 No race held due to World War I
1919 May 31 United States Howdy Wilcox I.M.S. Corporation Premier Premier G 200 500 miles 5:40:42.930 88.050 Peugeot
Indianapolis Speedway Team
1920 May 31 France Gaston Chevrolet William Small Company Frontenac Frontenac F 200 500 miles 5:38:31.901 88.618 Monroe
William Small
1921 May 30 United States Tommy Milton Louis Chevrolet Frontenac Frontenac F 200 500 miles 5:34:44.578 89.621 Frontenac
Louis Chevrolet
1922 May 30 United States Jimmy Murphy Jimmy Murphy Duesenberg Miller F 200 500 miles 5:17:30.845 94.484 Jimmy Murphy
1923 May 30 United States Tommy Milton H.C.S. Motor Company Miller Miller F 200 500 miles 5:31:19.618 90.545 H.C.S. Motor Company
1924 May 30 United States Lora L. Corum Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg F 200 500 miles 5:05:23.595 98.234 Duesenberg
United States Joe Boyer
1925 May 30 United States Peter DePaolo Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg F 200 500 miles 4:56:39.401 101.127 Duesenberg
1926 May 31 United States Frank Lockhart Peter Kreis Miller Miller F 160* 400 miles 5:12:48.768 95.904 Miller
Peter Kreis
1927 May 30 United States George Souders William S. White Duesenberg Duesenberg F 200 500 miles 5:07:33.022 97.545 Duesenberg
William White

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