Apr 2, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Phil Jackson looks on as the jersey of Los Angeles Lakers former player Shaquille O

Phil Jackson Wants Dwight Howard To Re-Sign With Lakers

Never one to keep his opinion to himself, Phil Jackson, speaking on Los Angeles radio yesterday stated that he’d like to see free agent to be Dwight Howard remain with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Per InsideSoCal.com:

“Staying with a franchise and hang in there,” said Jackson, who won five NBA titles with the Lakers in two separate stints (1999-2004, 2005-2011). “I think he likes the life here in L.A. and has hopes for success. The monetary issue is considerable. I have more Laker blood in me than Houston Rockets blood, thats for sure. As part of this extended family that runs this organization, I hope he remains a Laker.”

Of course, just a week ago, Jackson expressed skepticism on the Dan Patrick Show that Howard would be willing to re-sign with the Lakers, so a kick in the butt from his longtime girlfriend and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss may have changed his tune.

That all said, the report may hold a bit of merit since it’s known that Jackson and Howard spend quite a bit of time talking/texting and Howard has openly spoken about how he leans on Jackson for advice.

Earlier today, the Houston Rockets reportedly were feeling quite confident in their attempts to sign the big man.

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