Apr 10, 2013; Louisville, KY, USA; Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware (5) shares a laugh with forward Chane Behanan (21) at the KFC YUM! Center during their celebration for winning the NCAA Men

Kevin Ware Returns to Louisville Court

Though it seems like it’s been an eternity, it’s only been 64 days since Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome compound fracture against the Duke Blue Devils during Louisville’s run to the 2013 national title. That’s just about two months since the initial injury.

Two months is all Ware needs as the junior-to-be next season has headed back to the court.

Via Eric Crawford of WDRB:

He’s able to wander out onto the U of L practice court and shoot jump shots again.

That’s right. Jump shots. They weren’t the high-flying variety he showed in his emergence as a major part of U of L’s national championship team late in the season, but they were shots with a little bit of bounce.

Keep in mind that while Ware is back to shooting jumpers, he’ not able to play yet. He can’t run or jump like he used to yet, but he can shot.

Ware sill has to undergo a lot of painful, intense rehab before he could be close to where he was before or to even get back in shape but the fact that he’s back on the court after 64 days is a good sign. It may be ridiculous, but with Ware showing positive signs, maybe, just maybe he’ll be back on the court again in a Louisville uniform next season.

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