Photo via Notre Dame commit Elijah Hood on Twitter (@@EHood34)

Elijah Hood, Notre Dame Commit, Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letters Down Toilet (Video)

Alabama isn’t shy about the way the approach recruiting and at times it appears that it can get a little excessive and overbearing — especially when you have no interest in attending the university. For Notre Dame Fighting Irish commit Elijah Hood, he had his own unique way of dealing with the unwanted letters.

Hood is the number three running back in the nation, a five-star recruit and the number one player in the state of North Carolina, so it should come as no surprise that Alabama head coach Nick Saban is interested. After all, Saban loves to stock up on running backs. The only problem is that Hood does not share the same interest. In fact, he seems rather annoyed with Alabama’s pitch and he posted on Twitter to share his thoughts on their recruiting.

What did Hood think he should do with the Alabama recruiting letters? Flush them down the toilet.

The Charlotte, North Carolina product posted a video of him flushing his Alabama letters down the toilet on Vine. Here is the proof:

To go with the video, Hood added some audio. “Dang, Nick Saban hooked your boy up. Roll toilet.”

I’m sure this won’t go over too well for Alabama fans, but it has to be better than lighting the letters on fire, right?

At the very least, it will be interesting to see what happens if Alabama and Notre Dame meet again later down the road when Hood is officially a Golden Domer.

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  • Mikey Hardy

    He knows he will get to play at the Irsh so thats fine buddy have fun over there The Tide dont need you right so good luck. Roll Tide

  • Kevin

    Does he have an imaginary girlfriend? Maybe he’s in the right place after all.

  • Teresa Bynum

    Don’t nobody care about this guy he just wants attention an he got it from the fans so go on an be a notre dame guy who knows u might get lucky an play alabama again just to get beat no class dude ……..roll tide !!!

  • Bernie Severance

    Dude doesn’t even have a commitable BAMA offer so not sure what he is flushing. Looks like some homemade letters he made in art class or something. Or maybe bulk College flyers he asked for from the guidance counselor. Seems like he is upset that the Alabama offer has never come and he is venting. RTR

  • jolleyt

    I’m a Bama fan and I have no problem with him flushing the paper down the toilet. I do hope, however,that it didn’t stop it up and flood out all over the floor. I don’t think paper goes down the commode well. LOL