2013 NBA Free Agency: Free Agents Flying Under the Radar

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With most of the free agency talk involving Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Josh Smith, my focus is shifted to under valued players flying under the radar. This is one of the deeper free agent classes in some time. What it lacks in star players, it makes up for with in quality contributors.

Teams trying to take the next step from either good to great or great to champions will be looking to add key role players to their existing cores to help them do so. Here are three guys that could be those pieces for their potential teams.

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  • Michael Nance

    Under the radar kinda means that the player may produce more that what appears on the surface and in this case may not be that good. Jose Cauldron is in fact a true point guard but don’t let your love for the Raptors dim your vision as a writer. He was 5th worst on the Raptors in +/- per min last season and in his time with the Pistons was 2nd worse on that team. That stat is backed up by a history of numbers that are below the team average on below average teams. That to me yells BACKUP PLAYER and “Buyer Beware”. The fact is what he brings to the table is a plate that is not as full as even Bynum and Robinson both of whom will come cheaper.