E3 2013: Xbox Live "Plus" and World of Tanks

Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Sony’s book with their new Xbox Live Gold feature announced at E3 earlier today. Microsoft is allowing gamers with an Xbox Live Gold subscription to download two free games every month as a part of the service. This is very similar to Sony’s Playstation Plus system, where gamers pay a fixed monthly fee for a rotating assortment of free games to download as well as games that are reduced in price. Unlike Microsoft, however, Sony does not charge for their online service.

Microsoft has announced that the first two games that will be free as part of this system will be the popular first person shooter Halo 3 as well as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II. Eagle-eyed gamers also noticed earlier today that Fable III was available for free as well in the Xbox Live marketplace.

During the same press conference, Microsoft announced that the popular PC game World of Tanks would be coming to the Xbox 360 later in the year. The game, set to be released in the summer of 2013, will include massive multiplayer elements, including 15 on 15 tank battles. The best part about this announcement, however, is that World of Tanks will be free to play for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and free for 7 days to Xbox Live Silver subscribers.


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