Game of Thrones Season 4 Start Date: When Does Show Return?

Unfortunately, the third season of Game of Thrones has come to a conclusion after last night’s season finale. If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, “Mhysa”, don’t worry, this post won’t contain any spoilers. Instead, we are looking forward to season 4 of the show and discussing when the next season of HBO’s hit show will return.

So, do we have any answers?

Game of Thrones is set to begin filming the fourth season this July, which means we should be on pace for a premiere date that has been pretty consistent throughout the first three seasons of the show’s existence. Seasons one and two premiered in April of 2011 and 2012, respectively, with this past season premiering at the end of March. If the past is any indication, we should expect a late-March, early-April premiere for Game of Thrones season 4.

We don’t know much about what to expect from the upcoming season (unless you read the books), but you can be sure there will be many tragic twists and turns as we continue to get attached to the characters.

One thing we do know about season 4 is that there will be at least three new characters —  the Magnar of Thenn, Mace Tyrell and Oberyn Martell — after George R.R. Martin confirmed the news. .

It is a long way away, but we can’t help but to be excited to wonder about what next season will bring.

If you can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, be sure to catch up on all of our content from season 3 on our Game of Thrones page as we prepare for next year’s return.

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  • Patrick Allen

    Too long to wait but I suppose it will be worth it.

  • JCollins

    I know that many of us are upset about the Red Wedding and the end of the season. As a reader of the books, I almost stopped reading at this point. Who cares what happens to the rest of the series, all my favorite characters are gone and all the ones that SHOULD die aren’t.!!! Watch on, dear viewer, ’cause it’s going to get interesting next year. (Go and read the books if you’d like to find out before your friends

  • Jarus

    Being a writer myself and watching a marathon of game of thrones, I knew from the first few episodes of the first season that Brandon would go north of the Wall eventually and become involved with the Others, even siding with them perhaps. And also that the dragon eggs would awaken in the burning pyre, and would later assist Dany in reclaiming her throne and serve as the ultimate weapon against the Others. There’s SO much foreshadowing in this book series its hard not to know the endings of the series from watching the first season.

    Even so, the red wedding was over the top, but I expected only Brandon and Arys to survive out of the whole Starrk family. I even knew that Brandon was the true heir of the Starrk family from how he was portrayed in the first season, long before Eddard’s execution. I expect a fairly predictable but nonetheless very enjoyable and entertaining season 4, but I’m more looking forward to seasons 5 and 6.

    Also the “Lord of Light” could actually be a relation to Satan, who masquerades as an angel of light despite being a black demon of evil, in regards to what the man said who was raised from the dead 6 times about only seeing darkness while dead. It may be that the “Great Other” is actually not that bad after all, and that the “Lord of Light” is actually the evil god. Or they could be both evil.

    • John

      For a writer, your typing is awful. Arya, not Arys. Stark, not Starrk. Have you even read the books?

      • Brendon

        i think he read it and just act smart -___- dafuq

    • Mike Adams

      There was so much fail in your post. So much fail. x_x

    • SelectiveHearing

      Dat hindsight bias!

  • Suomy Aria

    Game of Thrones is the sole reason I keep HBO, can’t wait until next season.

    • john miller

      why not just download it for free?

      • Tee

        Why not just watch it online for free, saving you alot of hard drive memory?

        • yournakedmom

          why not just give yourself a reach around while watching your shitty resolution episode online ;)

          • shewasntgreat

            Why not just stop watching since the show is going to last forever and the actors will die of natural causes before it can be finished. And then give yourself a reach around.

      • jjay

        Not everyone is a thief.. and a tight arse (yeah it’s called piracy). Watching the show on HBO or Foxtel (in Aus) provides ratings > money for the next season’s budget. So if everyone started to ‘download it free bro herp derp’, then sheet… they’ll cancel the show of b/c cheap morons like you that restricts their ratings and budget.

        • john miller

          Look, if wasting away a few bucks makes you sleep better at night then be my guest. I could care less about the shows budget or ratings. Have at it goodie two shoes.

        • Tyler Sanders

          did you really call us the tight ass lol?

        • Thomas Claudius

          Goody two shoes, Soory but when seasson 3 air State side. I had to wait even 9 months more, seasson 2 was over 3 months before seasson 3 air where i live so So Thight arse your self mate.

    • skydragn gotro

      You know you can watch game of thrones online and anything else at its just like Netflix except its completely free and has much more shows/movies check it out

  • Sasha Vodianova

    if I had a baby at the beginning of the first season, how old do you think my kid will be when Game of Thrones complete? One year for ten shows is quite under productive, for a cry aloud~

    • Nathan Benes

      Are you kidding me? The production value of each episode is *easily* more than twice that of those shows that have 20+ episodes in a season. I much prefer a riveting storyline that moves at a reasonable pace with absolutely stunning visuals over one with mediocre *everything* and a storyline that moves like a snail with twice the viewing time.

      • IcarusFrost

        Just look at Sherlock (the new one), 3 episodes per season, and they do so much in them, so spectacular!

        • Nathan Benes

          For the record, he’s talking about the show called “Sherlock” by the BBC, not “Elementary” which I believe is american-made and not really as good.

    • jjay

      Stargate SG-1 was ten years old… 1997 – 2007. Your point? I enjoyed every season and was happy even with the deviation from the SG-1 Team to SG-Atlantis. Entertainment like this is worth waiting for :)

  • Paulo Rossi

    I cannot wait for the next season. I am a kind upset about the red wedding, but very excited with the ‘Mhysa’, the mother of the dragons. In my opinion, She deserves to be the Queen of the South and North!

    • cell989

      it has been implied that Jon Snow is the son Of Raeghar and Eddard’s sister Lyanna Stark, so hey maybe he deserves a shot at the throne too

      • Paulo Rossi

        Indeed, you are right. They deserve at least a bit too. But It will be a long fight and perhaps so many seasons to figure out this case.

  • Max Huygens

    Come on now, 10 episodes a year?!?! Waaaaay toooooo sloooooooow. Oh well, from now on I will just read the books and won’t bother to see the rest of the series when it airs on television/HBO.

    • Pat

      youll be disappointed in some regards. ive read the books, and the tv show depicts the show in whole new way… i think it is much better.. all ya’ll think the red wedding was bad? The book is 10x more brutal and sad.. the entirety of the books is a lot more dark and disgusting to boot. Nothing is happy in the books period. I actually like GOT the show it depicts the show in a whole new light and i think if written in such a way it could have potentially been 10x more successful… Not every reader/one is into GOT the books and theres NO WAY it would be on t.v the way it is in the books. The fan base would not be there.

      • Max Huygens

        But I like it very much indeed when the story is dark and brutal (Fincher/Se7en/Michael Mann/Last of the Mohican’s etc.), gives it an edge and it feels so much more like the real world (in some way – think medieval times/Roman times). Every thriller/action-movie/TV-series always, always (nowadays) tries to put way to much of a joking and jolly-be-good feeling to it. Cant stand it. If I want to see a thriller, then I want it to be a thriller and not some weird comedy (though, sometimes it can work, like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon). In GOT/TV-series they have this utterly silly and horrendous-out-of-place comedic dialogue ALL the time, like if it was some kind of “Disney-saga”.

  • Lee Houk

    Tired of waiting after a short 10 episodes per season I started reading the books. Now that season 3 has ended I am pretty much caught up with the TV series being half-way through the third book in the series. Up until now I’ve been reading the books and picturing the series in my head as I read but from here on out I’ll be doing the picturing in my head and then comparing that to the series depiction of events next year. It’s pretty awesome really. I recommend everyone to get the books and read up, so many details you are missing out on by only watching the show.

  • Tee

    I’m truly flabbergasted about the red wedding, never been so shocked in my 18 years! Can’t wait to see more! Daenerys however, her story line is beginning to bore me. Why end the season on a happy note where she GAINS the love of people? The red wedding should of been the season finale! That would be a BOMB-DIGGIDY ending.

    • Pat

      she is gathering armies to make a gigantic attack and in order to do that she needs tens of thousands of people to work for her and then troops to fight for her… dont worry she is the main person of GOT and will eventually become a main player.

      • cell989

        well what about Aegon VI? he too has a right to the Throne

  • bigcg98

    I just started watching GOT about a week ago…have been tearing up about 3 episodes a day since! Best miniseries since the Sopranos. One question, don’t know if the books mention it…How in the hell did the dysfunctional Lannisters dethrone the Targeryans (sorry if my spelling is off)? By the way…lamest death of the series goes to Khal Drogo. I was looking forward to watching him smash everything in sight after his rant about crossing the sea to take the throne…and then he is just dead in a really lame way. I mean, Jaime Lannister had his hand hacked off and rolled around in mud and dung, and he gets better…but Drogo dies from a small slice on his pec! Gotta love the Khaleesi though, I hope she ends up with the throne.

    • cell989

      Dany has a nephew who has yet to be shown and he is taking heads in the books

  • Jake Tucker

    joffery is going to die in the season opener (his wedding) by littlefinger and the old tyrell bitch poisoning him wine..
    Tyrion will kill shae and tywin in the season finale, also hes going to leave westeros and go to find dany to join her and in his hope fuck her…
    But he is going to encount prince rhagar’s son who was also sent away to one day come back and recalim the throne, dany donesnt know hes alive.
    Jon will become lord Commander this season…

    • cell989

      that sums it up, I still want to see the encounter between Ramsay and Jon

  • Jake Tucker


  • cell989

    I hate it how it takes a whole year to watch another season, way too long man

  • Alison

    In the interim, A Game of Thrones Internet Survival Guide

  • Justin Smith

    ill spoil it all for you!!! Geoffery is poisoned by the tyrell family and tyrion and sansa get the blame. Jamie falls out of love with his sister. No longer will he defend her “honor”! Sansa flees the capital with sir dontas and lord twat beard aka Lord balesh. Shea the whore is killed by tyrion when he finds her in bed with his father, he also kills tywinn while he is taking a dump… shall I continue?

  • Joy K. Price