Xbox One Games Priced at $60

With all of the information come out of the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), gaming fans are beginning to get excited. One of the biggest questions going in to today was the price tag and release date for the next generation Xbox One. We learned the price and were given a time frame for the release on Monday morning, so that left us wondering when the prices for games would be announced.

Now, we have that answer, too.

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After searching the web and coming across the gaming page on Amazon, we saw a few games available for pre-order with the following price tag — $59.99.

When you consider that the asking price of the Xbox One is $499, the price of the games falls right in line.

The current games available for pre-order are Madden NFL 25, Need For Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and NBA Live 14. Many more titles will be announced throughout E3, and they will likely be available for pre-order in the following weeks.

What are your thoughts on the price tag for the new Xbox One and the games? Do you think you will be heading out to get one when they are on sale this November? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let your voice be heard.

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