Xbox One Price and Release Date Announced at E3

Microsoft held a great presentation at the highly anticipated Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) today that focused on the gameplay of many of their new and upcoming titles. We had already seen the official unveiling of the next generation Xbox One last month and they focused on details during that presentation, but today was all about the games. That was until the end of the presentation when we were finally given a price tag and release date.

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There was not a specific date set, but we did learn that the Xbox One will be released in November of this year, which is perfect timing for the holidays. You can be sure that the systems will be flying off the shelves and surely will sell for a large amount of money on secondary markets.

But what is the price tag for the incredible system that continues to blow our minds?

Microsoft announced today that the price for the Xbox One is $499.

Not too bad for a system that can seemingly do everything.

What are your thoughts on the price tag for the new Xbox One and do you think you will be heading out to get one when they are on sale this November? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let your voice be heard.

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