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E3 2013: Day 2 Schedule, Live Stream, Announcements, Games Lists and More

Day one of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has come and gone, and wasn’t short of major announcements and surprises from the big press conferences from Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA Games, and Sony.

We got our look at the games Microsoft will be rolling out with the Xbox One this fall, and we received our first look at the PlayStation 4 console.  But now that the introductory conferences have taken place it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of the event: the games.

Day two is chock-full of demos and floor events from different publishing companies which will include four unannounced games, and one mystery game reveal.


Live Stream:

Floor Cam — 10am PDT — 6:00pm PDT


Timeline of Events:

KillZone: Shadow Fall — 12:00pm

Super Time Force — 12:20pm

Skylanders SWAP force — 12:40pm

Unannounced Title 1 — 12:40pm

Unannounced Title 2 — 1:00pm

Knack — 1:20pm

Deus Ex — 1:20pm

Watch Dogs — 1:40pm

Need for Speed: Rivals — 2:00pm

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified — 2:00pm

Drive Club — 2:20pm

Assassins Creed — 2:40pm

GameCrib: Team SoloMid — 2:40pm

Unannounced Title 3 — 3:00pm

Thief — 3:20pm

Warframe — 3:20pm

Beyond: Two Souls — 3:40pm

Mystery Game 1 — 4:00pm

Disney Infinity — 4:00pm

Destiny — 4:20pm

Call of Duty: Ghosts — 4:40pm

LocoCycle — 5:00pm

Unannounced Title 4 — 5:20pm

Battlefield 4 — 5:20pm

BandFuse: Rock Legends — 5:40pm

What day two event are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts and excitement about the upcoming E3 conference.

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  • Paul Mccarter

    MGS5 Looks as good as any game I’ve ever seen, Destiny looks awesome, The Division has some serious potential..Man, the next gen is looking bright indeed! I was leaning PS4 after the february reveal, and yesterday pretty much sealed the deal..No fiddling around with our used games, no internet connect required, hugely upgraded psn network, Gaikai back-catalog of cloud gaming, the controller looks hot. My inner geek has turned me inside-out! cheers all, no matter what, the future of gaming looks good, real good..

    • Aaron

      So right man, I still want both systems but ps4 blow me away with the price, & did you see BF4 64 player match I mean God dame a Building fell ( It wasn’t a single player mission) just amazing. I know Pc is going to look better in the next few years ,but still I’m more then Happy :) :) :) with the next-gen systems. Future is bright indeed .

      • Paul Mccarter

        Totally BF for me too; COD can’t hold a candle..Haven’t seen any footage, I’ll get a look after posting this, but I’m confident with the extra horsepower under the hood, the next gen destructibility and player count will go through the roof! Tbh though, I thought BFBC2 was a better overall game than BF3, just my opinion..Even if PC looks ‘better’ in a few years, it won’t matter to me; the way the next gen games look, I would be satisfied and only need the next gen AI and gameplay features to evolve..As they say, looks are fine, but personality goes an awfully long way! cheers man

        • Aaron

          Yes sir, totally agree guess I’ll see you online on the 1st day

  • Jason Andrew Hahn

    Battlefield 4- Hoping it has character customization