Howie Schwab Laid Off From ESPN

More firings came down from ESPN as they continue to cut back on financial costs. Among them was sports knowledge guru Howie Schwab from “Stump the Schwab” fame.

Some may be surprised that Schwab was still even working at ESPN with him on air in limited portions. Still, the sports whiz didn’t take being laid off kindly and spoke his thoughts on Facebook:

After 26 years at ESPN, I am extremely disappointed to say farewell. I have been proud of my association and my work during my tenure. I was a loyal employee, displayed respect for others, worked with numerous charities, represented the company well. I always did everything asked of me and more. What did I get in return today … word that I should get lost. The only thing that mattered was my salary, which in my view was the lone reason I lost my job.

The most recent project that Schwab worked on was “Stump the Schwab Leading Off Game,” a tournament held on ESPNU’s midnight show, “UNITE.” It was announced earlier this year that UNITE would get the axe this summer.

More popular recently, Deadspin ran an article back in January of Schwab and Dick Vitale taking a picture in what appears to be a club. Schwab confirmed on Twitter what the real story was behind the picture.

Hopefully this isn’t the end for one of the most knowledgeable guys in sports. Maybe the new Fox Sports network will have an opening for him.

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