McKayla Maroney is Back in the Gym (Video)

USA gold medal gymnast McKayla Maroney was arguably one of the most popular athletes to emerge from this past summers London Olympics, so when she returns to the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas it is news. It was the first time that Maroney returned to the gym since May.

Maroney became the face of the United States women’s gymnastics Fierce Five after the popular Internet meme went viral featuring her “not impressed” face, and she has remained relevant since the games by staying active in social media, on television shows and continuously popping up with appearances at sporting events around the nation.

With Maroney back in training at Karolyi Ranch with London teammates Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber, she is once again showing us that she is one of the most talented gymnasts in the world.

Maroney has previously said that she wasn’t done in the sport just yet, so it is possible that she could be gearing up for a run at gold in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Only Maroney knows if she will attempt a return to the Olympics, but it would only be good for the United States if she did.

Check out the video below, which shows footage of Maroney’s return to the gym:

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