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Oregon State Unveils New $15 Million Basketball Facility

Orgeon State University unveiled the new OSU Basketball Center on Tuesday in a ribbion cutting ceremony. Fellow alumni’ Gary Payton, AC Green, Jared Cunningham and head coach Craig Robinson were among those in attendance.


The OSU Basketball Center is a 34,500-square-foot, four-story, $15 million structure that features two regulation basketball courts on the first and third floors along with locker rooms, satellite training and medical areas, and service and mechanical space. The second and fourth floors include coach and program staff offices that offer panoramic views of the basketball courts.

[More photos of the arena here]

Craig Robinson gave his two cents on the arena.

“This is a huge marketing tool and you can understand that being part of Beaver Nation for so long. We all love this place. We all know this place. We all know this is the place most people want to come to go to school, but the fact of the matter is, when you’re recruiting against folks who have more resources, who live in larger metropolitan areas, we have to have something that gets them here to visit this place. That’s what this practice facility will do.”

Robinson is right. Oregon State’s rival, the Oregon Ducks’ have their facilites funded by Nike billionaire Phil Knight. To stay in the race the Beavers had to do something to compete. Hopefully this attracts more students and student-athletes and hopefully Oregon can take their skills to the next level.

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