PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: Which System Is Better

To say there is bad blood between Microsoft and Sony would be viewed as a massive understatement.

Both companies are set to release their next-generation gaming consoles later this year, but neither side is waiting until the to take shots at one another.

Microsoft took a indirect shot at Sony by securing a more-than impressive list of Xbox One exclusive games, but then Sony dropped a major bombshell of its own.

Towards the end of it’s E3 press event, Sony America President Jack Tretton announced, one by one, details of the PlayStation 4 that was met by thunderous applause by those in attendance, all of them direct shots at Microsoft. Then to top it all off, Sony, to coincide with the announcement that gamers can buy, sell, rent, and trade PS4 games at will when the console is released, released this video of  “instructions on how to share games” which is viewed as a direct shot at Microsoft’s decision to not allow the sharing of games whatsoever without paying full price for said game.

It’s clear that we are in for a dirty fight between the top two console companies in the industry today. No matter what the companies do and say, whether direct or indirect, about each other, there is one thing that both care about just as much as the other: the consumer.

Without people going out and purchasing the consoles, neither company will see success. So, that’s where you come in Fansiders. What are your thoughts on the consoles?

Below are categories with a poll box after each where you can cast your vote for either PS4 or Xbox One. After it’s all said and done, the votes will be tallied and a results post will be done in SEVEN days.

Hardware & Specs:

For the most part, the hardware aspect of the consoles are almost exactly the same. Both systems will have built-in 500GB hard-disk drives, a version of an 8-core AMD processor built specifically for that system, and a blue-ray disc drive which Sony had on the PS3 as well. But then you get to a key piece of technology that is different between the two: the system memory.

The Xbox One will utilize DDR3 RAM (Random-Access Memory) which will allow the system to transfer small pockets of data at a very high rate of speed. That type of memory is what is found in the average home PC today.

The PS4 will take advantage of the newest form of RAM with GDDR5. GDDR5 RAM is what is commonly found on today’s top-end PC graphics cards allowing larger amounts of data to be transferred at much faster speeds than DDR3 RAM would allow. It allows the PS4 to be optimized for graphical output.

The inclusion of DDR5 RAM in the PS4 will allow the console to have more graphical computing power in addition to faster graphics memory. What does that mean? Well, PS4 has the ability to have much better looking games (graphics wise) than the Xbox One.

Where the Xbox One has a one up on the PS4 is in regards to storage space. Both consoles have the aforementioned 500GB built-in HDD, but the Xbox One will allow users to connect external drives without formatting first to use for extra storage space. Another big plus for Microsoft’s console is it’s WiFi speed.

The Xbox One will utilize WiFi Direct which will allow WiFi speeds up to 250mbps. Much higher than the 50-75mbps that the PS4 will support. Of course, if you wire your console via Ethernet then that doesn’t really matter.

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The perfect controller?

Microsoft hit a homerun, well with the exception of that god-awful directional pad, with its design of the Xbox 360 controller. In fact, there are some fans out there who say if you combine the 360 controller with the PS3 then you have, potentially, the best console/controller combination ever. But, that obviously isn’t the case.

With the Xbox One controller, Microsoft tweaked the old 360 model just enough to make it look new yet old at the same time. The d-pad has been fixed, the battery pack has been put inside the controller, it’s slimmer overall, and much lighter. Plus, they have created a trigger system that will allow game publishers to have the console adjust the tension and feel of the triggers to suit certain titles. All-in-all it looks like a perfect controller, but what about the PS4’s controller.

The DualShock 4 is a much-needed upgrade on a base model that has been around since PlayStation in the mid-1990s. The DualShock 3 was small and crammed which made hitting the proper buttons at the right time hard to do with players with bigger hands. Sony has seemingly fixed all of that with the DualShock 4.

The bigger DualShock4

With a bigger body, the DualShock 4 allows for further spread out buttons to give the user a better feel. The analog sticks now have a bit of a ridge to them in order to allow better grip. Even the triggers received a touch up as they are now curved to form around your fingers.

The biggest new feature of the DualShock4 is the touchpad in the upper center of the controller. While it’s unsure exactly how games will take advantage of this new aspect to the controller, we do know that it can work like a mouse for the console’s web browser. It even clicks in like a mouse button for selection options.

While there is rightful skepticism with Sony’s new controller, there may be just enough positive change to get users excited about DualShock4.

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Non-Gaming/Social Features:

Everyone knows that the most important aspect of a game console is, well, the games. But what about those times you just aren’t in the mood to play a game, but rather just relax and take advantage of other features that the console has to offer.

Microsoft has done it’s due diligence — probably even too much — to make sure the Xbox One can be used as an all-purpose entertainment machine. From Live TV passthrough to it’s exclusive deal with ESPN, in addition to it’s market of hundreds of apps like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc., Microsoft has made the Xbox One its user’s one-stop-shop for all things entertainment.

The PS4 wont have the live TV passthrough or the NFL content, but will still provide streaming of Netflix, Hulu, MLB.TV, NHL Gamecenter, YouTube, etc.

In terms of Social features, Sony spent much of its inital PS4 reveal back in February touching on what the PS4 will allow its users to do.

In addition to improve it’s quality of the PlayStation Network to that of Xbox Live (still a long ways to go to get close to that), Sony implemented Facebook integration and live video chat with the PS4. Users will get live social feed updates as they happen directly to their console. If a friend buys or downloads a new game, you will know; get’s a trophy (achievement), you’ll know.

Arguably the biggest social feature on the PS4 is the new “Share” button that graces the DualShock4.

With this button users will be able to broadcast live gameplay via UStream, take screenshots, or share recorded video via the console’s game DVR. Users can also invite friends who are in a different location on their PS4 to remotely connect to their system, and play their game. This is incredibly useful for those, like myself, who often get stuck at an annoying part of a game, and can’t figure out how to get by it. Now, you can have a friend beat it without them even coming over. That my friends, is laziness to the Nth degree, yet, at the same time, it’s pretty awesome.

Not completely anti-social, the Xbox One will allow users to have as many friends as they so choose which is an increase from the current limit of 100 on the Xbox 360. The major social feature that the Xbox One will have is the inclusion of Skype built-in that you can use while you are in the middle of a game. In fact, all voice chat on the console will run via Skype.

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Exclusive Games:

What good is a console if there are no games to play on it? First and foremost, we’re leaving out non-exclusive from this category due to that not really helping the case in any way for either console. This is all about the exclusives.

This is where Microsoft seemed to impress many, including myself, the most with their E3 Conference on Monday afternoon.

Among the games shown off as Xbox One exclusives were classic IPs Dead Rising 3, Halo, and Forza Motorsport. Then came the new IPs that show great signs of promise. Quantum Break, Ryse: Son of Rome, Lococycle, and Titanfall are just a few of the key exclusive games coming to the Xbox within a year of its launch.

On the PS4 side of things, they showed off Knack, Infamous: Second Son, The Dark Sorcerer, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and The Order: 1886.

At first glance, the Xbox One seems to have the better of the exclusive games. And when you factor in it’s deal with EA to get exclusive in-game content as well as the deal with Call of Duty to continue to get DLC first, it makes the Xbox One the clear standout when it comes to exclusivity. However, exclusivity means nothing if the games don’t play well.

Once we can get our hands on how these games play, then we can truly have a grasp for which console’s exclusive content is superior.

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You’ve read the facts, and have enough details to make up your own opinion on the matter. So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to go PS4 or Xbox One. Vote in the final poll below, and leave a comment letting us know why( or why not) you chose what you chose.

All of the votes will be tallied in a week, and the best comments will be featured in the results post so get to voting!

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