Did EA Sports Leak NHL Cover Vote Result?

Martin Brodeur vs Sergei Bobrovsky.

After weeks of fan voting, that was the final matchup for the honor of being the cover athlete for this year’s edition of EA Sports’ NHL franchise. Though voting has ended, the results have yet to be made public, but one has to wonder if EA accidentally let the cat out of the bag during its showing a E3 this week in Los Angeles.

Via Jeff Bakalar, EA Sports had the banner (left) at its booth yesterday which could lead many to wondering if in fact Brodeur had won the fan voting.

EA insists that the final result has not yet be tallied, and that both finalists had a preliminary cover released for them.

If that’s the case — which it is — then why wasn’t Bobrovsky’s banner hanging high at E3? Is EA embarrassed that Bobrovsky may win, and it’s showing what could have been? Or was this just a simple mistake of leaving the second banner behind?

The official announcement is set to come over the next week or so. Hopefully Brodeur knows how to act because he will likely have to act pretty darn well to make it seem like he had no clue he had won when the painfully obvious is announced.

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