NCAA 14: Demo To Launch Tuesday

EA Sports has announced that the demo for this year’s version of NCAA Football 14 will be released on Tuesday, June 18th for both Xbox 360 and PS3. No other details about the teams involved in the demo or what game modes will be shown off are known.

If last year’s demo of NCAA 13 is anything to base expectations off of, then players should expect to see multiple matchups available to them to play. Last year there were three matchups featuring six teams (USC vs. Oregon, LSU vs. Alabama, Baylor vs. Kansas St.). In each you played full games with three minute quarters.

You were also able to play as Robert Griffin III in the game’s new Heisman Challenge mode. You were able to put Griffin on LSU, Baylor, Alabama, Oregon, USC, or Kansas St..

There were also unlockables available to those who played the demo. New Nike Combat jerseys were available for the retail version of the game for those who played the demo.

One should suspect that with the addition of Ultimate Team to NCAA 14 this year that a test of the game mode will be involved in the demo in some capacity. Whether it’s a half of football and some card packs or just special card packs, there will likely be a perk of playing the demo that will crossover to the retail version.

NCAA 14 releases on Tuesday, July 9.

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