November 10, 2012; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel looks for an open receiver against Alabama. Mandatory Photo Credit. USA Today Sports

Texas A&M Athletic Director Takes Shot at Alabama Crimson Tide

The Texas A&M Aggies shocked the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa last season in a performance that was a big reason for Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman Trophy, and the Aggies don’t appear ready to let go of that victory anytime soon.

During a Brazos County A&M Club Coach’s Night event, Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman decided it would be an appropriate time to jump in on what seems to be the trend and take a shot at the Crimson Tide.

So what was the joke that took aim at the defending back-to-back national champions? From

Surprisingly, the joke was kind of funny. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny — unless you are a lunar nerd — but it certainly deserves a chuckle.

While it is fun to poke at Alabama and hold your victory over their head, it doesn’t really hold much weight when they went on to win the national championship. Texas A&M has been talking a big game since the win, so they better back it up this year or they deserve the retaliation that they will get from ‘Bama fans.

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  • Farrell Walker

    Just wait until Sept. 14. Check out Saban in revenge games!

    • Glennskii Meyer

      alabama will lose one regular season game. a&m will probably lose none…. max 1. i dont think you know what Kyle Field is. at least you dont know what it REALLY is. and what the bama game is gonna look like. if you watch it on tv, you will probably soil your undies. (im talking about the stadium itself, and even more importantly, the people in it).

  • Mikey Hardy

    laught it up buddy cause that all you can laugh at cause the Tide controls the SEC

    • Glennskii Meyer

      used to. now it will just do very well and have shots at the titles.

  • Tisharra

    They will still be claiming some form of superiority based completely on this one game even after getting “BAMA STOMPED” (YouTube that) on the 14th. Funny thing is, they didn’t even actually beat Bama. McCarron threw an interception. That’s how they won. They didn’t force an interception, they didn’t stop us on the goal line, they didn’t outsmart or outplay us, they “beat” us the same way Notre Dame “earned” a Championship shot, through sheer luck. Almost dropping a snap, first interception thrown by AJ in almost 300 passes, Johnny “Doucheball” threw 3 interceptions IN A ROW during the Spring Game! Just before ATTACKING A GRAD STUDENT on the sidelines! You got one lucky moment. You know how many teams have beaten Saban’s Tide twice? NONE. Only 5 times since Saban took over have they lost at all. I’m going to be laughing my a** off watching Texas A&M depending on a QB that is too big for both his pants AND practice, and then FAILING EPICALLY. At which point Manziel will blame the rest of the team for not living up to his personal “awesomeness” and proceed to physically attack them all for not making him look great.

    • ThatGuy

      Cool story bro….it’s just incorrect.

      “You know how many teams have beaten Saban’s Tide twice? NONE.” Wrong. Both Auburn (2007 & 2010) and LSU (2007, 2010, & 2011) say hello.

      “Only 5 times since Saban took over have they lost at all.” Wrong again. U of A lost 6 games in Saban’s first year (2007), one of those losses being to Louisiana-Monroe.

      You might want to know what you’re talking about before you speak so brashly next time. It would probably have helped if you had attended the school that you love to defend.

    • Adam Huebinger

      We didn’t force the interception? I’m pretty sure we nailed the receiver and the ball popped out and we caught it. I was at the spring game and Manziel did not throw 3 interceptions in a row. I can’t wait for Sept. 14th.

    • Glennskii Meyer

      thats hilarious and classless. alabama fans need to lose more often so that they know how to lose honorably and not look for mistakes. if alabama had won in the way you are saying here, you would just be writing “we beat yo butts! roll tide roll!” so sad.

  • Brent Gustafson

    Now im starting to understand why everyone else in the big 12 thought you guys were a joke.

    • JJ

      The Big 12 is a dead star in the football universe. Let’s see, in last years bowl games, Big 12 co-champion Kansas State got their A$$ handed to them by Oregon and Big 12 co-champion Oklahoma got REAMED by SEC West 3rd place team Texas A&M.

  • Jeremy Neese

    They control the Tide… hmm… who was it that played Notre Dame??? I can’t remember…. hmm…. What a moron.

    • Glennskii Meyer

      the destroyed ND as well they should have. Alabama and A&M are elite teams. ND sneaked in on their popularity, and over-ratedness. they didnt even deserve top 5 status. if alabama played a&M or oregon, or even a few other teams, it wouldnt have been the blowout that it was with ND. i saw the blowout coming as did many sportwriters…. and im not even a bama fan.

  • AUTiger

    Actually they did beat Bama haha. That is the problem with Bama fans is that even when you lose you say that you didn’t. If they had more points on the scoreboard at the end of the game, then they beat you. No excuses about how McCarron threw an interception is how they won, but you did put “that’s how they won.” Which means they beat you. Get over it. War Eagle!

    • JJ

      Seriously? 49-0 and you are gonna comment on the top tier teams in the West?! If we wanted an Awb opinion I would give it to you. Otherwise, prepare to have that A$$ tanned again.

      • Carmen Dago

        The second easiest schedule in the SEC. That’s something to be proud about. Bama didn’t EARN either of the last two trips to the NC…just sayin’.

  • JJ

    Pretty funny. Sportswriters/bloggers are having trouble coming up with things to write about. RTR!

  • GMA

    I guess the “control of the tide” commonality is probably a better answer. I would have said “they both have coaches who reigned down 19 girthy, colored inches of pain on the devil dwarf Nick Saban”, but thinking about it now I am not completely certain that the moon has this.

  • JMouton

    To Tisharra: “They didn’t stop us on the goal line”

    Yes they did, but the refs counted Lacy as a TD anyway. Check about 1:42:

    Here’s a screenshot: He was down inches from the goal line and the fb did not cross the plane. BAMA should have had 7 fewer points.:
    [Edit: I don't know why the second photo of the fans is at the bottom, because that shot isn't even on that link. I don't know how to remove it either. I'm not trying to be a smart aleck by posting that.]
    [Second edit: now I see, it's the link to the video. Thought it was simply an image.]

    • Danny Bowen

      If you watch the video, from that angle.. and not from the goal line where you;d need to get the angle from.. he was forward those “inches” then pushed back.. crossing the goal line.

      • JMouton

        Not true. We (my brother-in-law, who doubted me, and I) downloaded it and checked it frame by frame. Lacy went down with the ball tucked and the ball never crossed the line. I chose that one shot to post here because it so clearly shows where everyone is. It doesn’t matter, since it didn’t affect the outcome. I was just countering the statement by someone above. What it does illustrate is the balanced team effort given by Texas A&M, when so many would focus only on the offense. Not to detract from what their offense accomplished.

  • spaceman323

    Lighten up people, it was a JOKE. And a pretty good one :). Even most Aggies don’t actually think we’re better than Alabama … only that we were better than you on that day. But you don’t want to admit even that. As if the first quarter somehow doesn’t count as much, or that the turnovers were not the result of GOOD DEFENSE. We beat you fair and square. If you whip us on Sept 14th, THEN you can claim superiority.

    • James Knight

      Spaceman I am a die hard Alabama fan, but I do agree with you. Johnny Manziel played an amazing game and the Aggies came out on top of a very good game. Not all Bamer’s are in disbelief that we did and can be beat. September 14 will be an awesome game that I can’t wait to watch. Roll TIde!! Oh and the Joke was funny as hell…

      • spaceman323

        Thanks James. Both sides are looking forward to it. Here’s hoping for another well-fought game for the ages! I want BOTH teams to come out of it looking good. Nonetheless … GIG ‘EM AGGIES!
        P.S. I am SO GLAD you destroyed ND!

        • Glennskii Meyer

          it was obvious that they would destroy ND.

      • Glennskii Meyer

        good man. i have huge respect for the tide and for fans and alumnus like you. i am a&m class of 91. and i am happy to say that i am sure that the bama a&m game will be the regular season game of the year.

    • Glennskii Meyer

      nothing can completely prepare them for a first time play at Kyle Field. especially with the electricity that will be present at that game. the bama players will have eyes wide as saucers when they run onto the field. a&m will win it.

  • Carmen Dago

    Why don’t you guys take a look at Bama’s wimpy ass schedule…this year and previous years. What a bunch of wusses!

  • Glennskii Meyer

    “While it is fun to poke at Alabama and hold your victory over their head, it doesn’t really hold much weight when they went on to win the national championship. ” oh come now… what could a&m do besides beat them, win the rest of their games and blow out OK in the cotton, and be the best team at the end of the season? they would have loved to play alabama in the championship, but the idiots in charge actually believed ND was good enough. OF COURSE ND was not worthy. only Alabama , A&M, and maybe oregon or so, were worthy of the championship at season’s end. most of the best sportswriters knew that a&m was better than ND. A&M’s losses were all by just a few points… with a QB playing for the first time. the loss to florida was by a couple points and florida already had a couple games under their belt. for a&m it was a season opener because their first game (a gimme, was canceled due to lightning). from a few weeks before the alabama game to the cotton, the aggies were championship material.