Jun 13, 2013; Ardmore, PA, USA; Tiger Woods walks to the 1st tee during the first round of the 113th U.S. Open golf tournament at Merion Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Eileen Blass-USA TODAY

Lindsey Vonn: "I'm not just Tiger Wood's girlfriend"

It is sometimes amazing to see famous people who are so dominant or respected, legendary even, in their respect fields get together it. There is even a Tumblr blog dedicated to it called “Awesome People Hanging Out Together.” Why else does the United States public get excited to see people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get together?

But the problem when two famous people get together is sometimes one is incredibly more famous than the other.

And Tiger Woods new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, is feeling the shadow that is being cast by her new man. New York Times writer Bill Pennington chatted with Vonn about life with golf’s biggest star. She has been watching Tiger Woods play at Merion Golf Club in the U.S. Open without being bothered.

“I can be normal by myself; no one notices me,” she said. “But wherever he’s around, we’re living in a fishbowl. I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. It’s weird. But it’s just something I have to deal with. He has his job, and I have mine. I just have to get used to it.”

But that shadow has labeled her Tiger’s girlfriend. And that is what irks her the most.

“Some people seem to forget that I’m not just Tiger’s girlfriend,” Vonn said. “I’m actually a successful athlete. I’m Lindsey. I have my own career and my own life.”

What did you think you were getting into when you dated one of the most famous athletes on the planet?

“Most things are very normal, but something like going out to dinner is next to impossible,” she said. “Unless he wore a wig, I think he’d be recognized anywhere.”

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