March 17, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby (87) and Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara (33) talk during a timeout during the second period at the CONSOL Energy Center. The Pittsburgh Penguins won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Crosby Got Punched in Jaw by Bruins Zdeno Chara (Video)

While the Pittsburgh Penguins were reliving their embarrassing exit in the Eastern Conference Finals courtesy of the Boston Bruins, an incident between team captains Sidney Crosby and Zdeno Chara was discovered. In what appears to be an incident up against the boards, Chara takes a his left hand and delivers a short hook to the jaw of Crosby — yes, the jaw that Crosby had broken early in the year (I mean, we only have one jaw, right?).

This is just an incident that rubs salt in the wounds of the Penguins following their exit from the postseason.

Was it a dirty play? Sure. Was it intentional? Of course. Did it really affect anything? Not at all. The only thing that happened from the punch was Crosby seemed to lose his cool throughout the series and never was able to find the net. If the Bruins goal was to get Crosby off of his game, then mission accomplished.

These types of exchanges happen all the time during heated moments, so nothing will come of this and that is why it wasn’t a big deal at the time.

What do you think of the punch? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Loren Baldwin

    Excellent shot from the big man, mission accomplished indeed!

  • tellit_like_itis

    Why is he whining about this 2 weeks after the fact?? Hockey is a rough sport, if he can’t handle it then perhaps he should retire. Nobody else gets special treatment why should he? Players have a lot worse happen to them, you don’t see them crying like a bunch of babies. His team lost fair and square, get over it and move on.

    • Feadur

      i dont read anything about him bringing this up.

      “an incident between team captains Sidney Crosby and Zdeno Chara was discovered”

      that doesnt sound like him talking about anything at all

      • Rich Thicke

        Actually, Sindy’s agent submitted the above video to the NHL for review. The exact video. He didn’t submit it at regular speed but the super slo-mo because at regular speed it looks like nothing like Sindy; NOTHING!!! Regardless, the little lady has put a huge target on his back next year!! WHAT A LITTLE GIRL!!!

  • Rich Thicke

    JOSH SANCHEZ, you’re friggin idiot. What are you a Sindy Criesby fan? Why not play at regular speed? I know why; it doesn’t have the same impact. Like Sindy, you are try to make something out of nothing. If the little girl can’t take it, why’s she out there? Make she should be with Disney on Ice!! PLUS, Chara doesn’t hit him square in the jaw. He hits him in the upper chest below his neck. The little girl ducks his head. Also, how would you react if a petulant little child grabbed you? You’d turn around and slug him!

  • Kerrie Elias McDermott

    Very low and dirty. Chara can’t skate and needs someone else to help with his fights! Stupid! If you’re a good player like Crosby, you don’t need to take cheap shots like these.