10 Best TV Dads of All-Time

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The notion of ranking TV dads is a timely no brainer that is great for search engine optimization. Yet a criterion is difficult to drill down—are we talking in terms of day-to-day parenting? If so, what set of values does this post endorse? Does this list limit just situation comedies? Is this an excuse to write about George Bluth, Michael Scott, or Walter White because I like their respective shows?

Like Scott is a wild card and we never found out that he had children until The Office ended. His exuberance and thirst for family will either make him an amazing or horrible dad. His children could grow up in a happy home overrun with support and encouragement. But they could do so in a manner that doesn’t cultivate self-awareness into their cognitive development. They then exist in a bubble of culture and fashion—erroneously idolizing their dad’s tastes and humor like the weirdest of home schoolers.

And like, Don Draper is a terrible, borderline absentee father, but there was that adorable moment with Sally when she made him French toast and accidentally used rum instead of Mrs. Butterworth’s and he ate them with fatherly pride.

I typed out names in the notes section of my iPhone throughout Saturday—17 at first, my list bubbled to 33 after thorough Googling. The bubble burst on some headliners: Dick Van Dyke, Andy Griffith, Archie Bunker, Cliff Huxtable, Dr. Jason Roland Seaver.

In the end, I settled on the 10 best TV dads that most memorably expounded the virtues of fatherhood and that are also humorous.

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