Kate Upton 360 Degree Body Paint GIF Will Probably End The Internet

Sep 11, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; American model Kate Upton on the field before the game between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys at Met Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

As the lovely Kate Upton will tell you, modeling is difficult work. Not difficult work? Enjoying the fruits of her labor.

In case you missed it, the former Victoria Secret model and famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl recently had a collection of “test” photos from the SI swimsuit issue pieced together, which resulted in well, this:

Thanks to the good folks at Joblo.com, they pieced together all of the test shoot photos (which you can also find on their website by clicking here), resulting in the above animated GIF. Which will probably turn into your phone background. And then your desktop wallpaper. And then the custom Fathead on your wall. It’ll be $99.99 with $9.95 shipping. Not that I checked, or anything. Stop with the third degree!1!1!!

I’d take the time to explain to you how these photos came about along with a biography for the famed body paint artist who spent a few hours slapping paint on Upton, but I’m pretty sure you’ve stopped reading at this point. In fact, I’m pretty sure you stopped a few paragraphs ago.

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  • drtacp

    Holy Headlights Batman! Bryan Rose has cred beyond aroyalpain fo’ sho’. All I can do is look for more from him.

    ‘IF’ Al Gore invented the internet, only then could Brian Rose possibly end the internet.
    I just love that my fave TV drama, ‘Person Of Interest” implicates a main character as THE hacker who made public to all the protocols that made sure that the internet was sustainable outside of its merely intended military use. The pseudo-capitalist hijack of the internet in the 90′s is mitigated by the open-source community upon which I rely. BR giving this personally compiled .gif from his insider perspective falls into the category of open source.

    How about wiki leaks and the exposure of the NSA overstepping their bounds of late? Both are admirable from my perspective. All of humanity is driven by sexual desire. Greed for money is driven by sexual desire. Kate Upton is the current epitome of sexual desire. Merely her image elevates her to become a ‘meme’ of sexual desire.

    If 80% of the internet is proprietary sexual content and another 15% is unwanted spam generated by overzealous ‘capitalists’, that leaves merely 5% for viable capitalists to advance the true economic force that actually drives our world economy.That 5% plus the open source community are the saviors of our economic status quo.
    I too can identify with Bryan Rose’s motto of ‘I live for the funk’. In my culture the phrase is ‘Sex and drugs and rock and roll, well that’s my cup of tea!’ Kudos to Bryan for presenting such an exemplary inside look at the sex portion of that motif. Bryan, you rock! Thank you.